Why your vitamin D level matters during pregnancy

Why do I need enough vitamin D during pregnancy?

Maintaining adequate levels of vitamin D during pregnancy may have long term benefits for both the mother’s and infant’s well-being. Vitamin D is essential for the absorption and use of calcium and phosphorus and is therefore vital for forming and maintaining healthy bones. In pregnancy, vitamin D requirements can increase up to four to five fold to facilitate the availability of extra calcium needed to support the healthy development of the unborn baby’s skeleton and continued bone growth of the infant. It also helps to preserve the expectant mother’s bone density and supports healthy immune system function. The unborn baby is entirely dependent on the mother’s stores of vitamin D and infants born to vitamin D insufficient mothers will be vitamin D insufficient themselves,1 which may have implications for their healthy growth and development throughout childhood and into adulthood.

Do I need to take a vitamin D supplement if I’m pregnant?

A vitamin D supplement during pregnancy may benefit many expectant mothers, especially those who are at a greater risk of vitamin D insufficiency due to inadequate exposure to sunlight. This includes:

  • Women with darker skin tones.
  • Women who are veiled or cover up.
  • Women who live in more southerly locations of Australia, particularly during winter.2

Your GP may check and monitor your vitamin D status during pregnancy and may suggest a vitamin D supplement if necessary.

Ostelin Pregnancy Essentials is a scientifically formulated high strength pregnancy supplement that contains vitamin D in combination with three other key ingredients needed during pregnancy including iodine, omega 3 DHA and folic acid. Together these nutrients will support the mother’s general health and wellbeing and the baby’s healthy growth and development during preconception, pregnancy and breastfeeding.