What about the stability of the liquid formulation and does the bioavailability decrease over time?

In short our Liquid Vitamin D is tested for both stability and quality to ensure the availability of the vitamin D does not degrade throughout the life of the product. (i.e. it is exactly as it is listed on the label until the expiration date has past).

Sanofi’s Quality and Stability

Expiry dates are established through Sanofi’s scientifically based stability program. Stability testing is performed to ensure a product is of acceptable quality throughout the entire storage period.

The content of active ingredients and/or components, as well as relevant physical properties including micro testing of the product, are monitored during storage under defined conditions using methods capable of detecting deterioration or degradation. Our products are quality tested at critical control points during the manufacturing process to ensure we always deliver the highest quality.

Our in-house quality team of more than 40 experts works to ensure every product is manufactured to the highest standard. All ingredients meet label claims, and the products meet both Australian Good Manufacturing Practice guidelines and Sanofi’s high global quality standards.

All of these steps ensure that our products, including Ostelin liquid vitamin D are of a high standard from the time you open the product until it’s expiration date.