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The Ostelin Range of Supplements

Ostelin specialises in vitamin D and calcium supplements, and caters to both adults and children. Formulations are all high strength. This means category benefits are obtainable whilst only a small daily recommended dosage is required. Importantly. Following is a list of Ostelin categories.


Vitamin D is essential for the absorption and use of calcium and phosphorus, which are vital for functions such as the development of bones; healthy nervous and immune systems; regulation of some hormones; and normal cell growth and maturation.

Vitamin D is required throughout life. It is needed for optimal bone mineralisation in children especially during times when sunlight exposure is limited. In pregnancy the requirement for vitamin D increases in women due to calcium deposition and bone mineralisation in the developing baby. The elderly too may have an increased requirement for dietary vitamin D. In this group vitamin D may help improve muscle strength, walking distance and functional ability.

The people who can most benefit from supplementation are the elderly, those who avoid the sun, people with dark skin or who wear concealing clothing and people with reduced absorption of nutrients from the gut. In the absence of sun exposure, 1000 IU per day of cholecalciferol is needed to maintain healthy levels of vitamin D.

Vitamin D supplements with added calcium is recommended if you are not obtaining enough calcium through your diet. This combination to strengthen bone and tissue in older adults is also beneficial for women after menopause when a woman’s calcium requirements are increased and may assist in the prevention and/or treatment of osteoporosis.

Halal Certification

Halal is a Quranic word meaning lawful or permitted. In reference to food, it is the dietary standard, as prescribed in the Quran the Muslim scripture.

Our Ostelin categories have been assessed by the Australian Federation of Islamic Councils as being Halal. All of the ingredients used in both the capsule and the tablet, except the gelatin, are not derived from the death of an animal nor does it contain any alcohol and is therefore Halal. The Vitamin D is derived from sheep’s wool which does not involve the sheep being killed and is therefore Halal. The gelatin in the soft gel capsule is Halal certified gelatin. I.e. the cows killed to manufacture the gelatin were slaughtered according to Islamic rites and manufactured without alcohol in Halal certified premises. The manufacture of both the capsules and the tablets must ensure the Halal ingredients must not be mixed, or come into contact with haram (prohibited) materials such as categorys from pig or dog during storage, transport, cooking, serving etc.

Supplement Formats

Ostelin categorys come in a range of formats to cater to everyone’s needs. The Vitamin D supplements are available in three forms: a liquid or capsules. Of these, there are two vitamin D liquids available; one for adults which is orange flavoured and another for children which has a strawberry flavour. The Ostelin Vitamin D & Calcium category is available in both tablet form and citrus flavoured chewable tablets.