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Ostelin Trek

What do you get when you take a handful of courageous competition winners, add an Olympic athlete and drop them in the middle of the Tasmanian rainforest? You get tears, mud, snow, laughter, joy and an unforgettable adventure. Check out the video to see the highlights of this once in a lifetime experience.

It all started with a question: what are you staying strong for? We received thousands of answers, but the top 5 responses were real stories of inspiration, strength and humanity.

Jane They came from Michelle and Renata, who both have families struck by Osteoporosis. Pip, who first walked the Overland Track 30 years ago. Karen, who knows how important strong bones are through her work in aged care. Nikolas, who’s staying strong so he can lift his grandson, who has mobility issues.

These five individuals would tackle their next biggest challenge: a four-day hike across the epic Overland Track. The track winds through ancient rainforests, over beautiful summits, across sweeping moorlands, along alpine rivers and even past an abandoned mine. It was the trip of the lifetime.

The team were led by brand ambassador Jane Flemming. Together they walked up to 20 kilometres a day. On day one, the crew set out with the sun shining and the wind at their backs. But over the next four days, they would experience the extremes of Tasmanian wilderness.

Rain hail, snow, mud, and more than one person falling into the drink. Our trekkers challenged themselves and pushed it to the limit. But as a true testament to their individual strength, they made it through. At the end, they were tired, they were drenched, but they were happy. And the consensus: it was worth it – for the view.