About national vitamin D awareness day

National vitamin D awareness day is a day to recognise vitamin D insufficiency as an important health issue.

What is vitamin D?

Vitamin D is vital for good health throughout our lives and essential for strong bones, muscle strength and a healthy immune system. Few are aware that peak bone mass is generally achieved in our mid-20’s and bone loss slowly begins from our mid-30’s1.

The sun is our main source of vitamin D. When you expose your skin to the sun, your body makes vitamin D. Although we live in sunny Australia, vitamin D insufficiency is widespread – especially in winter – largely due to our increasingly indoor sedentary lifestyles and focus on sun safety.

Vitamin D & bone health: how big is the issue?

  • Nearly 1 in 3 Australians are now vitamin D insufficient. Risk of insufficiency increases with age and is more common in women and the highly educated.2
  • Australians are twice as likely to be vitamin D insufficiency in winter when sunlight exposure decreases.2
  • Being overworked and too busy is the biggest reason most Australians don’t get the recommend amount of sun exposure during the day.3
  • Nearly a third of the workforce regularly skips lunch or eats at their desk due to work pressure.3

How can you get involved?

In an effort to boost vitamin D, promote good health and help employee’s beat the winter blues, organisations are encouraged to “Take a D-Break” and bring some active summer fun to the workplace.Ditch the desk for the outdoors, host an outdoor sausage sizzle, or swap the desk chairs for deck chairs and take a meeting outside. For the more active workplace, consider taking the team out for a game of lunchtime cricket in a nearby park. The options are endless and best of all, entirely up to you.