How to keep your skin hydrated and healthy during travel

The effects of travel on your skin are two-fold. Many modes of travel mean very dry air which can takes its toll on the skin. Unfortunately, travel itself is not always conducive to good skincare routines as this is one of the first things many people compromise during a trip away.

Therefore, remembering to keep your skin in mind during travel should be part of every packing list.

The first step is to ramp up your water consumption. It’s easier to forget about drinking plenty of H2O when you’re on the move, so keep a bottle handy to remind you. Another way of ensuring your hydration levels remain high is to snack on fruit such as oranges and berries, which have high water contents. A mix of water and a good diet will give your skin the hydration it needs during travel.

You’ll also need to be wary of the forms of travel you’re taking and how to best combat the harsh environments. Long-haul plane trips mean hour after hour of circulated air conditioning, so be sure to pack a small amount of rich moisturiser for your face and hands to apply during the flight. A water spritzer or toner is also handy to have to help you feel fresh and hydrated from the outside in.

Another harsh condition the skin might face during travel is the extra time spent in the sun. While vitamin D is great for maximising your calcium intake, you’ll need to remember that too much sun will dry out the skin and leave it exposed to wind and sunburn. Pack plenty of sunscreen and aloe vera to apply before and after time spent outdoors, even if the sun is hidden by clouds it can still cause dryness and burns, especially when travelling.

During travel, it’s easy to place having a good time ahead of health, but simply keeping up with your skin routines from home can make a big difference to the wellbeing of your skin and you’ll thank yourself for the extra care when you get home.