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Introducing Jane Flemming 2016 Brand Ambassador

Ostelin is excited to announce a brand new partnership with Commonwealth Games gold medallist Jane Flemming. She is teaming up with Ostelin to promote the D-Test, vitamin D and the importance of staying strong.

Jane Trek

“I didn’t know I had low vitamin D, I just knew I didn’t feel right.”

Commonwealth Games Gold medallist and mother of twin boys, Jane Flemming knew she had a problem; she wasn’t her normal, healthy self. After a visit to her local GP and a series of tests, discovered that she was low in vitamin D. To help those who could have low vitamin D, Jane has teamed up with Australia’s number one vitamin D brand, Ostelin, to ensure Australians are aware of how important vitamin D is to help keep bones and muscles strong.

Jane Flemming

Staying Strong

Growing up, the idea of staying strong, fit and active was something that Jane Flemming and her siblings were brought up with. Always encouraged to try as hard as she could and to give one hundred precent, this was a philosophy Jane carried with her through out her career as a professional athlete.

Jane was a country born girl, one of five children spending the majority of her life outdoors, she started out in little athletics and pushed herself to three Commonwealth Games and two Olympics as a competitor winning Gold at the 1990 Auckland Commonwealth Games. Now retired Jane jokes that she now exercises for “sanity and vanity,” but has maintained her active lifestyle and healthy habits and is an advocate for everyone living an active lifestyle.

Joining Ostelin as a brand ambassador is a great fit, for years Ostelin have been educating Australians on the importance of vitamin D for strong bones. Jane acknowledges the importance being independent as you age and having a body that doesn’t prohibit the way you want to live. “The human body was born to move” Jane says, as being true to what your body was built for is really important for living a high quality life.

Jane’s Low Vitamin D

As a very physically active person, feeling consistently tired* throughout the middle of the day was strange for Jane. As a working mother of twin two-year-old boys, she wondered if her busy life may have been affecting her, or was it something else? After a trip to her GP and a blood test Jane found she was low in vitamin D. As an ex-athlete who spent the majority of her career outdoors, this was a shock to her.

As someone who has gone through low vitamin D, and who understands its importance to bone health and staying strong and active, Jane has come on board to promote the Ostelin vitamin D-Test. A quick 2-minute self-assessment could help you determine if you might be at risk of low vitamin D.

So test yourself today and be a stronger you.

*Tiredness symptoms can be from multiple causes. If symptoms persist, consult your healthcare professional.