How to get calcium into your kids when they don’t like milk

Despite the fact that most kids will know milk and calcium are great for their health, some children simply don’t like the taste. This can be a tricky road to navigate, but there are ways to navigate it safely without a battle come meal time.

Hide the flavour

One of the first steps to try is to hide the flavour of milk. You can add it to a tasty high-fibre cereal, make a delicious banana or fruit smoothie, or even try adding a zero-sugar flavouring sachet to a glass of plain milk. Some children simply find full fat milk too creamy, or skim milk too watery, so be sure to try each type of this calcium-rich drink before giving up on it completely.

Try alternative sources

Fortunately, calcium is a common nutrient so just because a child doesn’t like the taste of dairy products, doesn’t mean their bone health has to suffer. Certain foods and vegetables also have high calcium contents, such as sardines, broccoli, kidney beans, figs and almonds.1 Of course, other dairy products such as cheese, yoghurt, and the ever-popular ice cream can boost calcium levels as well.

Kids Calcium Supplements

If you can’t get the kids to try milk, and struggle to keep up his or her calcium levels through food, a kids calcium supplement can be a good way of ensuring your little ones are getting what they need to support their strong, growing bones. Your healthcare professional can tell you how much your child will need, and perhaps recommend some options, including a chewable version that might make it a little easier and tempting for the kids to try.