Five unexpected calcium-rich foods

Most adults need a reasonable amount of calcium on a daily basis for strong bone health, so it can seem difficult to get enough of this nutrient through your usual diet without the help of an additional supplement. For adults aged 19-50, the recommended daily intake is about 1,000mg of calcium per day. For women over the age of 50 and men over 70, this figure rises to a recommended 1,300mg per day.1 To add some variety to your diet and include some new calcium-rich foods you wouldn’t expect, try out one of those listed below.

  1. Sardines from a tin

    Just a 100g serve of sardines from a can will give you a whopping 500mg of calcium.2 For most people, this will cover half of your recommended daily intake.

  2. Figs

    Roughly 220 grams – or four figs – will give you about 506mg of calcium.2 Not only are these delicious, they’re also packed with other vitamins and minerals.

  3. Tofu

    This white foodstuff can be cooked or eaten raw with just about any meal, and it’s full of calcium with about 510mg per 100g serving.2

  4. Almonds

    If you’re looking for a snack that will help improve your calcium levels, a small handful of almonds can go a long way. In just a dozen of these nuts, you will gain about 62mg of calcium.2

  5. Pasta

    Your average plain, cooked pasta is also a surprising source of calcium, providing about 85mg per portion, which is usually about a 230g serve.2

Between breakfast, lunch, dinner and a few well-chosen snacks, it’s not as hard as it seems to meet the recommended intake for calcium each day. When calcium-rich foods aren’t on the menu however, topping up with a quality supplement may be a good way to reach those daily goals.

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