Healthy Babies, Vitamin D and Calcium.

Published November 12, 2018

Healthy Babies & Strong Mums

The human body can do incredible things and pregnancy truly is something to be marvelled at.

Pregnancy does, however, place huge demands on a woman’s body, with foetal development and growth increasing her body’s requirement for vitamins and minerals. Vitamin D and calcium, in particular, are incredibly important for women during these periods of immense changes, not just for her, but also for the unborn child.

Pregnancy information

Vitamin D aids the absorption of calcium which is required for growth of the foetal skeleton. During pregnancy, a developing baby absorbs around 30g of calcium from their mothers, with 80 percent of this is obtained during the third trimester.

Calcium, in combination with vitamin D, is essential for the development and maintenance of healthy bones and teeth. The human body cannot produce calcium; therefore, we must ensure we consume enough through our diet. Good sources of calcium include dairy products, dark green leafy vegetables, nuts (such as almonds) and calcium-fortified foods like some cereals, orange juice and bread. As many mothers will know, it can be difficult to consume these foods during times of nausea, requiring many of us to consume calcium in supplement form. When dietary intake is inadequate, Ostelin Calcium & Vitamin D3 can help boost a mother’s levels, ensuring they are sufficient and within the optimal health range.

During both my pregnancies I discovered that I had low vitamin D levels as well as low calcium, which was surprising and alarming as I was aware of the importance of both and I thought I was getting enough through my wholesome diet.

After a visit to my GP and obstetrician, I was advised to begin taking Ostelin Calcium & Vitamin D3 – a combination supplement with naturally occurring calcium and vitamin D3 for strong bones. I was informed this supplement would benefit me and my babies while their bones were growing and developing in the womb.

Healthy Babies & Strong Mums

During pregnancy and lactation, it’s extremely important to ensure adequate amounts of calcium and vitamin D are consumed, as they have a plethora of long term benefits for a child’s general health and wellbeing. As the developing baby is dependent on its mother for adequate absorption of vitamin D, it’s crucial to have sufficient calcium & vitamin D levels for the healthy development of the skeleton.

The importance of vitamin D continues into childhood, where it’s essential for optimal bone mineralisation, particularly during periods of limited exposure to sunlight.

That’s why I felt comfortable and confident taking Ostelin Calcium & Vitamin D3 during both of my pregnancies and continue to take it throughout my breastfeeding journey.

While it is difficult to know if your body’s level of vitamin D is sufficient, it is possible to check and manage with the help of your GP. To check your vitamin D levels and obtain a reliable result, I would recommend visiting your GP to arrange a simple vitamin D blood test. Your GP will be able to discuss the results with you and organize treatment accordingly.

Pass on strong bones with Ostelin Calcium & Vitamin D3. For more information on this product, visit the Ostelin website.

(Always read the label. Use only as directed. Vitamin supplements should not replace a balanced diet)

Healthy Babies & Strong Mums

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