Who could benefit from Ostelin Cal-DK2?

Ostelin Cal-DK2 is a unique bone support supplement that combines the bone building benefits of calcium with high strength vitamin D and vitamin K2. It may be suitable for a variety of different people looking to support their bone health. These include:

  • Anyone wishing to support their bone health and strength as they get older – Bone mass or density is lost as people age, putting them at risk of developing osteoporosis and other bone conditions. In fact, it is estimated that 66% of Australians over the age of 50 have poor bone health. Ensuring an adequate daily intake of calcium can help to maximise bone health at all life stages and ensuring an adequate intake of vitamin D and vitamin K can assist the absorption and delivery of calcium in the body.
  • Postmenopausal women or those nearing menopausal age – Following menopause, women are at an increased risk of bone loss and developing osteoporosis. This is because there is a significant drop in oestrogen, which has a protective effect on bones throughout a woman’s life. When oestrogen levels decrease, a woman’s bones lose calcium and other minerals at a much faster rate and as a result, bone loss of approximately 2% per year can occur. Taking a vitamin K2 supplement may help to decrease bone loss in post-menopausal women.
  • Anyone at risk of vitamin D or vitamin K insufficiency – Ostelin Cal-DK2 may be recommended for those who aren’t getting the vitamin D or vitamin K their bodies need. Vitamin D is readily available from exposure to sunlight and in small amounts from certain foods. However, it is estimated that 31% of Australian adults may be vitamin D insufficient. People who might benefit from a vitamin D supplement include those who avoid the sun for health or cosmetic reasons, those with natural darker skin and older adults. Vitamin K1 is primarily found in green leafy vegetables such as kale, spinach, Swiss chard, broccoli and lettuce. Vitamin K2 can be found in fermented foods such as cheese, curds and natto (fermented soy beans), but may be difficult to obtain from a typical western diet. While vitamin K insufficiency is rare in healthy people, some individuals with digestive conditions may be at risk.
  • Those who dislike taking too many tablets for their bone health needs – Ostelin Cal-DK2 contains calcium and high strength vitamin D with a clinically trialled amount of vitamin K2 in a convenient one-a-day dose. It is therefore suitable for those who dislike, or have trouble, consuming too many tablets at once.